Chess Academy Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to teach kids based on their age, interest, ability and time commitment. In our teaching process we stay away from computer generated teaching: No computer puzzles and no video instructions. We do support playing chess games against computers for practice, but we encourage students to play in real tournaments. We also support students playing chess on-line with each other. This is a great habit that brings chess to life for your child.

Our Curriculum Consists of:

  • Workbooks with chess puzzles for class and homework.
  • Customized chess lessons for all levels and ages. We prepare our classes based on what students need to learn right now.
  • Games review with students, in a class or private lessons.
  • Chess tournaments we run at the Orlov Academy academy and other locations for our students.

We provide strong foundation for your child’s chess and overall development, that goes a long way. Many students who started learning chess with us are still continuing to play chess at a high level.

Hour-To-Power: Beginner and Intermediate Classes

Fees: $21 one class, $17 each, if signed up for 5 classes.
Advanced registration is required for new students.

New student one-time registration fee $25 (siblings $15 each).
Not needed for one class trial ($21).

  • Beginners (Chess 101): U600 new to chess students or with little knowledge.
    Chess basics – rules & terminology, piece values, tactics, checkmates.
    Special quick-improvement curriculum. Average 5 classes to move to Chess201 class
  • Intermediate (Chess201): (rated 750 – 900) Some playing experience, knowledge of chess moves and rules.
    Chess fundamentals – Openings, Strategy basics, Basic Endgames.
  • Intermediate II (Chess 202):(rated over 900)
    Players will study advanced Strategy, Tactics, and Openings.

Each Class Includes

  • 20-25 min lesson
  • Practice games under instructor supervision
  • Tactics and Endgames
  • Homework – to learn and practice at home (optional)
  • Puzzles and Strategy pages to review class material.

High Performance Class to prepare for State and Nationals Championships


Every Sunday, (5:00 to 7:00 pm, 2 hours each class):

1-3 classes $50, 4-7 classes $45


High Performance Champions Chess Classes for All Levels

At Orlov Chess Academy in Redmond
Instructor – International Master of Chess  Georgi Orlov, 1994 US Open Champion, 2530 USCF Our High Performance Chess Champions Classes are for students who are passionate about chess.

Intermediate (1300+) and advanced students are invited to attend.

The High Performance Champions’ class incorporates four learning modalities:

  1. class instruction and discussions of chess strategies, openings, etc., (auditory & visual learning)
  2. chess games with personal analysis by Georgi  (tactile & visual learning) and
  3. our Chess Academy© curriculum ~ 30+ workbooks specifically designed for children (visual & kinesthetic/tactile learning).
  4. homework for each class

Students are tested to make sure they know strategies learned in the class (pattern recognition). Students are also are advised to participate in Sunday’s Quads, held right before the class and supervised by one of the coaches.

This allows coaches to personally monitor students’ games and use the observations for designing the class curriculum.

Coaches analyze games played by class students on a break between the games.

Using the curriculum, Nicholas Orlov, Nathaniel Yee were placed 2nd in the US Nationals. And recently Jason Yu finished 2nd in K-3 Championships in Dallas.

Outside of class, students in the High Performance Champions’ Classes should commit three to four hours each week for their Chess Academy© homework. Students are encouraged to play regularly in scholastic tournaments and online. Chess players who diligently come to class, complete their rigorous homework and play regularly will quickly improve their chess play.

Serious student chess players desire to compete in tournaments. Our High Performance Chess Champions’ Class participants get the best available help in preparing for chess competition and improving their tournament play.

These classes are structured for young players to find maximum success in chess and in their personal pursuits. Students are challenged by Georgi  Orlov to achieve a high level of chess mastery, educational success and positive interpersonal skills. Ultimately, our Chess Champions are winners in chess, school and life!