How to Choose Classes

We’ve been teaching chess for several years in the Seattle area, and offer many programs tailored to a wide variety of students. Our menu of classes is extensive, so here are some ways to help narrow your focus.

By Rating

Use your student’s chess rating and these general guidelines to choose an appropriate class.

Rating Suggested Class Length
Unrated – 700 Beginner Classes (see schedule) 45 min
700 – 1100 Booster Classes (see schedule) 50 min
1100 – 1400 Intermediate Classes (see schedule) 60 min
1400 and up Advanced and High Performance (see schedule)

“Getting Started with Chess” is recommended for young students that may have learned some piece names and know how some pieces move, but not firmly and still need to learn piece values, castling, en passant, board squares, etc.

“Beginner” is for kids that learned basic chess rules, how the pieces move and their values, but need guidance how to start the game, how pieces coordinate and how to construct checkmates and win opponent’s pieces.

By Location

We have two teaching locations. Use these links to see the current calendar of events for each office.

State Training

Rating Suggested State Training
up to 1300 Seattle with NM Sinanan
1250 and up Redmond with IM Orlov

Private Lessons

Dedicated one-to-one instruction with our excellent instructors provide tailored training for general skills or to help with your specific questions, recorded games or any other material you like.

To schedule a lesson, find the your desired date and time slot in the online registration system. You must enroll before midnight the day before.