David Beginner Sunday (Zoom)

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Date(s) - 12/11/2022
4:30 pm - 5:15 pm


Sunday Beginners Class (Video Conference)

Students learn sportsmanship, how to play with a clock, record their games, basic opening plays and more!

Getting Started class is great for new players up to rating 500.
Beginners class is best for those with ratings 500 to 700.
Booster class is ideal for ratings 700 to 1100.
Intermediate class is best for ratings up to 1100+ and up.
Advanced players should consider the Advanced 1400+ class by IM Orlov.
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ZoomBelow is the meeting invitation for Sunday’s remote chess lessons. To join the meeting, click on the link below following the “Join Zoom Meeting”. You can connect by laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Please use a webcam setup so I can see the students. You’ll probably want to arrive a few minutes early and test your microphone and camera.

Kindly remind students to hold questions and comments during my lesson until I open the floor for discussion. Allow one student to finish their thoughts before jumping in. This will reduce interruptions and maintain the integrity of the chess session.

It is good practice to mute your microphone until you talk to reduce background noise. Press the space bar to talk and release to re-mute when your conversation is finished. Think of it as a “push to talk” button.

Parents, we appreciate your help getting your student successfully connected with this technology in our online lessons. We request that no extras (relatives, observers, or remote computers) participate in the session.

We provide free ChessKid accounts for the students who attend our after-school and evening classes and assign the usernames. Students should use your assigned OCA account, not your personal accounts, when playing practice or tournament games during the class. Students may use these accounts to practice their chess and play games as much as they like! These accounts are free memberships, which allow them to play Fast Chess games, solve 3 daily puzzles, access beginner content, read ChessKid articles, and play against the infamous Bots.

Thanks, Coach David

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Topic: David Roper Beginners Class
Time: Sundays at 04:30 PM Pacific
Join Meeting: zoom.us/j/87026784821
Meeting ID: 870 2678 4821
Password: 555279


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