Getting Started with Chess

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Date(s) - 9/21/2019
4:30 pm - 5:15 pm



Welcome to Chess

Every master was once a beginner. We teach new players of any age how to get started with chess. Avoid developing bad habits and gain skills quickly.

Learn how the pieces move and their strength and weaknesses. Every chess player takes their “first steps” in the opening stage, so we start with sound principles. Chess may seem complicated but learning the game is to learn a number of small skills, where each is simple, and then assemble them together to be a strong player. Students also learn sportsmanship, basic opening plays, how chess notation works, and much more!

This class is recommended for young students that may have learned some piece names and know how some pieces move, but not firmly and still need to learn piece values, castling, en passant, board squares, etc. Start here and you’ll quickly move up to a Beginners class.

We offer classes for all levels; is this the right class for you? Click here for how to choose classes.

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