Chess Puzzles

Chess Academy Workbooks for Chess Clubs, Homework and Self-Study

Benefits of Chess Academy Workbooks

  • Puzzles will slowly and gradually increase in difficulty.
  • It is fun and challenging for students to advance from level to level.
  • Chess puzzles cover all combinational motives for beginners-intermediate students.
  • Great for the instructor’s class management, keeps kids busy between playing games.
  • These puzzles are for children. They are designed for after-school chess clubs, homework and self-study.
  • Contains basic information on openings and endgames.
  • Many puzzles are based on common mistakes played by children.
  • Puzzles develop memorization, calculation and pattern recognition.
  • Easy to keep track, in PDF format, print pages as needed for the instructor’s class.
  • After your purchase, you’ll receive an email to immediately download the workbooks as a PDF file.

Included Books, 100 Level


  • Chess Academy 101 Complete Beginners
  • Chess Academy 102 Advanced Beginners
  • Chess Academy 103 Advanced Beginners Checkmate in One, Pins, Captures
  • Chess Academy 104 Checkmates in One Move
  • Chess Academy 105 Checkmates in One Move
  • Chess Academy 106 Captures and Pins

Included Books, 200 Level

Orlov Chess Academy Workbook 202-213

  • Chess Academy 202 Checkmate in Two Moves, Pins, Double Attacks, Pawn Promotion
  • Chess Academy 203 Checkmate in Two Moves, Best Move, End Games
  • Chess Academy 207 Find a Good Move (Defense!)
  • Chess Academy 210 Find a Good Move (Defense!)
  • Chess Academy 212 Removing Defenders, Double attacks, Forks, Decoys
  • Chess Academy 213 Removing Defenders, Double attacks, Forks, Decoys

Instructor’s Permit Restrictions

  • You can make single page copies from these books and give pages to kids for your own class work.
  • No limitations for a number of pages for class work.
  • Other instructors working for you need their own workbooks to make copies.
  • Instructors cannot make complete or partial workbook copies.
  • To staple/use clips/bind in any way copied pages is considered a partial workbook copy and is not allowed.
  • No copies for homework are allowed.
  • No scanning or other way of distributing of workbook pages is allowed.
  • Please contact for ways to distribute the chess puzzles.