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Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the best quality chess instruction for your students.

Even the youngest children benefit from a curriculum designed for their needs. The game of chess is known to enhance the development of valuable critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills in children that later can be applied in math and science. Chess is a universal learning tool, it offers a rare combination of learning and playing.

Classes, Camps, Tournaments, and Clubs for K-8

We are serious about your child's improvement. Each child aged 5-6 should go through a chess training curriculum for better mental development. We provide active ways of learning such as effort with puzzle solving, memorizing for improved memory, frequent testing, and evaluation to ensure effective learning. We also offer private lessons for all levels and ages. We integrate lessons on openings, tactics, end games, strategy, tournament skills, and sportsmanship. In Chess Academy classes, we offer optional homework for interested students for faster improvement.

Enhancing the natural ability of each child through competition

Our Goal at Orlov Chess Academy is that students respect other players, form friendships, celebrate their victories appropriately, and take defeat with grace. Chess is a sport! Children who are interested in competing in chess tournaments will get the best available help on how to improve and prepare for chess competitions. Participation in competitions is an important part of chess training. It develops many great skills as well as experience working well under stress and respecting friends and opponents.

Training for champions

Most of our coaches are chess masters with many years of teaching and chess-playing experience. Many of Orlov Chess Academy's students have achieved great results and become top players in the state and United States.

COVID-19 Health and Safety

We follow all requirements and recommendations for city, county, and state health guidelines. To protect your health, we offer some classes via Zoom in small groups, and some classes in person in our Chess Academy offices. Chess camps and after-school clubs are held in person.